Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Week Doings

This week Davis is in Boise, Idaho sounds like fun, huh? This is a great opportunity for me to sew like a mad woman which I guess I have kinda been doing. My dress will definitely be finished by next weekend just in time for the wedding.

Tomorrow is our anniversary....BIG 3 years! Davis is gone so not much is going to happen in the way of celebrating on our actual day, but really what does that matter? If he would have been in town it is Magic: The Gathering night anywho so he would have felt compelled to stay home so at least it's work that's keeping him from playing :) We don't have any exciting plans for our anniversary, but we are going to Sushil and Nisha's wedding next weekend in Michigan so that is considered our anni trip this year....hopefully Michigan will be cool! It's comewhere new at least and the wedding is open bar so no complaining there!

Not to be all mushy gushy BUT I do have to say that I couldn't have ask for a better man to share my life with. He makes me laugh daily and that's really all you need oh, and I guess love too! I love you Dave and miss you!

Davis - if you read this, don't let me forget our video since you are not in town...we will have to do it this weekend!

For those of you who are curious....we have a yearly tradition of recording a video on our anniversary of the past year occurences and what we have learned etc. I think it will be really cool for our kids to have one day :)

The Proposal
Knox Pictures
Year 1
Year 2 - Vancouver

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