Sunday, May 23, 2010


Davis come home from Boise a day early and we celebrated our anniversary by dining out at the Cheesecake Factory, yum yum!
Saturday we hosted the Gupta's a wedding shower at our place and it was a blast! We had 18 people and lots of great gifts, stories, and games! Having 13 bottles of wine and champagne we headed to Beth's for breakfast burgers and endless hashbrowns, yummy! We did have sober drivers, don't worry :)

It was a great event and we are sooo thankful for the friends we have made and can't wait to spend this weekend in Michigan with them as the unite! Congratulations Sushi and Nish!
the awesome couple
Nish and me
Frankie, Andres, Karolina, and Farah
BFFs - I feel like a montage of quotes is needed here so for the few of us that understand....
"I'm Drinking"
"What time is it?"
"Like a Carryout"
"Twoty fifty you HOT"
"We could all wear Fossil watches"
"My chick hood"
"Fire Power"
"Is he talking to me"
"I'm Funny"
We love you guys and are super happy for you!


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