Sunday, May 2, 2010


Today was a Goodwill/Thrift store shopping day with no luck :( Davis had over some of his Magic: The Gathering (nerdy card game) buddies and so I was kicked out of the condo which was fine with me because I had been wanting to go on a Goodwill excursion. My mission was to find some $1 deals that I could redesign into cute pieces, but what I found was Goodwill in the city is much better (better finds/brand name clothes) sooooo with that comes more expensive. So there was no buying in my excursion, but when I do want to actually buy clothes for myself again I know where to go :)

This means that when I am in TN for 2 weeks there will be some Goodwill/Thrift store excursions for me. I am seeing great things in my future already :)

I still have a lot to sew before our trip to TN so I guess not buying anything today was not such a bad thing!

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