Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Countdown Has Began

We will officially be in TN 5 weeks from tomorrow! This is a special trip because we are actually getting to spend around 24 days at home (this is HUGE)! The main reason we are going to be in town so long is that my best friend's wedding is July 3rd and we have had our Myrtle Beach vacation planned for the June 11th week for a year so we thought it nonsense to fly back to Seattle for a week soooooo TN it is for a while. This will be a super exciting, but also extremely BUSY time.

This is a run down of things coming up/to do:
3 fashion shows next week
Sew my dress for the Gupta's wedding
Attend the Gupta's wedding in Michigan
Sew like crazy for Ava Reese
Going camping for my birthday (this is still a maybe)
Fly home
Definitely getting a Cancun night in and lots and lots of Cracker Barrel
Go to the BEACH (everyone say "ahhh")
Return from the beach just in time for Father's Day
Spend time with the Benson's
Take my wonderful nephews to the Chattanooga aquarium
Mandy's baby shower
Nephews 3rd birthday
Tot's Bridal Shower
Spending a day with Lauren and Caroline
Tot's Bachelorette Party
Tot's wedding
July 4th
Return to Seattle

Oh yeah and our 3 year anniversary is in there somewhere!
And spending time with the rest of the family (grandparents, etc.)

Can we say I will be exhausted?

We will be missing the Gay Pride Parade and the Summer Solstice in Seattle :( but there will always be next year!

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