Sunday, August 8, 2010

More Recycled Sewing

My grandmother gave my sister quite a few nightgowns and my sister went ahead and passed them to me. I am not really sure why my memaw thought Mandy needed old lady nightgowns, maybe after 3 kids you are not allowed to have sex anymore and these nightgowns are a great deterrent from sex....maybe memaw was trying to tell Mandy something! Instead I took them to make beautiful new garments. My first project was this beauty, it kind of looks more like a choir gown than a nightie!
The length and the sleeves had to go, but I liked the button and color detail of the collar so......


This beautiful nightie turned dress made it's first appearance out in Belltown's bar scene last night and wondered why it had been made a nightie in the first place. It had been missing out for a long time!


Mandy and Adam said...

I Love this! So cute! I wish I could sew and I wish I had the room for a sewing machine!

Will and Laura said...

This is so adorable Cindy!