Friday, February 6, 2009

Life in Seattle by my lonesome!

Not much has happened, but I figured it was time for a post! The past 2 weeks Davis has been in San Fran working Mon-Thur so Beast and I have been hanging out by ourselves. The bad thing about our friends in Seattle is they all travel too. So when Davis is out of town so is the others & that leaves me here by myself. Although I don't mind it too much. I have been keeping busy watching Vivian & applying for every job available in Seattle. I also applied for jobs in San Fran, Greece, Mexico, and anywhere else that I would love to go. The funny thing is the application for the Mexico job was in Spanish & I actually did a good job of understanding and responding. It was a proud moment for me. The Greece job already responded and told me that I would need an EU passport which I did some research on & it is a ridiculous process so I do not think we will be moving there any time soon. Some people think it is hard to get US citizenship...try Greece!

I have been super excited about coming home and we will be landing in Tennessee on Tuesday! The only thing I am not excited about is leaving Beast :( Although our neighbors are keeping him and they are super nice people and are very excited about having him. We are having dinner with them Sunday and taking Beast to their apartment for a pre-visit! It will be nice for him to get sniff the place before actually settling in for a week.

I have made a schedule for us while we are in Tennessee so that we can try to accomplish everything we want to do in the short week we will be there.
Here is a rough draft:
Tues - land & stay in Estill Springs
Wed - drive to Harriman (spend time in the afternoon with Mom & eat supper at Mamaw's w/ fam)
Thur - go see memaw & supper with Dad, Barb, Russ, Pooh, Mandy, Chris, & boys
Fri - take Greg to Soccer Taco for his birthday (enjoy Margaritas w/ the Cancun crew) & Tyler
Sat - lay around, maybe lunch with Dad?, supper with friends in Knoxville
Sun - dinner with fam before leaving for Estill Springs & then back to Seattle...last day with my fam :(
Mon - spend the day with Tammy (she has the day off...Presidents Day?)
Tues - spend the day with Tammy, Daniel, and possibly Daniel's new girlfriend Kalie in Nashville before going to the airport & flying back to Seattle

Hope everyone is as excited as we are! We can't wait to see everyone!

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