Saturday, February 7, 2009


Davis and I love to go snowboarding on the weekends! It is something that we both love & it's awesome to have the athletic common interest! Pictures below....

This picture is from a few weeks ago when 2 friends from college were in town on business. We were so glad to see familiar faces and be able to show them our city! This picture is in front of the gum wall in Post Alley!

Davis boarding
The is so beautiful
Us sitting on the slopes
Davis boarding
The beautiful scenery
Me probably after a fall
Me boardin

Me & my new helmet
My wonderful husband bought me a helmet because I was too scared to go fast without one. I have been wanting one for a while so I was extremely happy! I love it and it doubles as a great beanie!
Movie night....I am wearing my newly crocheted hat!


The Raymonds said...

As we speak, Jonas is looking at your picture and saying "Cin Cin"...just trying to get him ready! Love you guys!*-*-

Anonymous said...

luv your hat, scooter