Monday, May 21, 2012

Derby Days

A few weeks ago, Davis and I went to the Kentucky Derby and it was an experience that will be repeated...well, not verbatim.  We bought infield tickets as they are the cheapest and we didn't need all you can drink and eat tickets...what we didn't know was that you don't even know you are at the derby in the infield.  You can't see any horses expect the ones on the TVs (so I could have done that at the hotel), in fact you can't even see the track! So after 2 miserable hours of walking in the sun because there is no seats or shade in the infield, we/I decided we needed to do something else.  The infield was a HUGE frat party...people stumbling naked at noon, this was no place for a girl in a pretty dress with a BIG hat.

We made our way out of the main gate to scalp tickets.  After an hour of this, we settled on 2 single tickets which did not guarantee that we could sit together.  We get in the nice section of the derby to find other people dressed as we were and not already completely intoxicated.

The derby is sectioned off by colored wristband so every ticket gets a wristband when the ticket is torn to prevent people from cheating the system, this made things very difficult for Davis and I to cheat the system to sit together.  However, where there is a will...there is always a way and I had the will.

There was a chain linked fence at the first turn of the track, so I went in the section with my wristband.  I told Davis to stand on the other side (outside) of the fence, I ripped my bracelet off and passed it through the fence....and here comes Davis!!  It worked!!!  After many hours of sun, lack of drink, and standing we were in the same section and on our way to our 1 seat.

We arrive at our 1 seat in a box full of women and long story short-er.  We made friends with them and the 2 surrounding boxes to enjoy the derby in style with seats (yes, we were given an extra so we could both sit), shade, mint julips, whisky, and wine!  It turned out to be a perfect day and I can't wait to go next year!!

P.S. we lost everything we bet, but it was worth every penny!

Thanks Dave for being patient and not complaining ;)

 That's a lot of roses



 1st turn

 new seats
 finish line
 Mary J
 new friends

 the winner before winning

 leaving the gates

 1st turn
 and I'll Have Another takes the roses

 so sad

 receiving the roses

 last race of the day

 good day to you sir

 torn wristband, what a day
 crazy things happen at the derby

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