Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tag, you're it!

So we were tagged by Mandy to play a little blog game and it goes like this.....go to your 4th picture folder and click on the 4th picture. Post and give 4 thoughts on the picture....pass on the tag to 4 people!

So 1st off just let me tell you that I have way too many pictures for those rules, so I had to go to my 4th folder which was "2006", then go to my 4th folder which was "Davis", then here we go....
1. This was obviously in 2006 (stated above) and it was my very first trip to Davis's parent's home in Estill Springs, TN, which was 1 week before Davis graduated from undergrad.

2. It reminded me of me and my roommate trying to figure out what outfits were appropriate for the trip. If you didn't know Bri she was a hoot and thought that my outfits for this trip home would make or break my relationship with my soon to be in-laws. We decided no booty-shorts.

3. Davis decided when we were driving home that he would take me through Sewanee, which is on Mount Eagle Mtn. As we were driving down the mtn (it had been raining), we slid and ran into a guardrail on my side of the car. We sat in total slience for about 1 minute. Davis was so embarrassed especially since we were meeting his mom for my first time in like 10 min at a restaurant to eat lunch and she was going to be extremely mad at him (or so he thought). So, naturally he parked where she could not see the damage until after she had met me and we had eaten lunch. We hit the guardrail so hard that I had hit my head on the seatbelt cover on the side of the car (the plastic piece that moves up & down) that it broke into pieces. For added effects here is a picture of the car.

4. The picture also reminded me of the story of Davis telling his parents that he had a girlfriend on AIM. They responded asking if I was a blow-up doll. They never expected that he was dating not to mention my name is Cindy Smith so they thought that he had made me up.

Hope you enjoyed the stories!

I tag Jessica Armes, Tyler Masters, Adam Chan, Amber Quinn.

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mom said...

I laughed with each of your 4 stories. That was so cute and what MEMORIES! love mom