Sunday, November 2, 2008

Bumble Beast

Happy Halloween! I missed being at home and handing out candy to all of the hundreds of trick or treaters, but we actually managed to get to know people in Seattle and that was just as exciting! We went out to dinner with one of Davis's co-workers and then headed to a party that a friend of his was hosting. It was a lot of fun. We met quite a few folks (mostly from Michigan).

Davis's parents bought Beast a Halloween costume. He was a Bee, and a very cute one! He hated it, but we did manage to get a few good pictures before he escaped the torture of Halloween.

More good news....I found out that I passed a part of my CPA exam! YAY!
My Bumble B

The gang


tammyb0129 said...

Beast sure is cute in his costume but apparently he disagreed by the look on his face in the 2nd photo. Ha!

tito said...

Why do you insist on torturing that poor dog?