Friday, November 14, 2008

Dave's Birthday Weekend

As most of you know, Sunday is Dave's 25th birthday! yay, our car insurance will go down! His gift from me was a snowboard & of course I didn't buy a new one. I found a snowboard on craigslist and when we went to look at it his roommate just happened to be selling a set of bindings so we luck up and got the snowboard & bindings for $160. His boots we have had for maybe a month. We went to REI flagship store one day (by the way this store is HUGE) and they were selling their old rental boots for $ can't beat this deal!!!! Now he is set and we can go boarding any day of the week with our own equipment!

For his birthday I had planned a surprise get together tonight, but as always one of his co-workers let it slip so now he knows. I am cooking dinner for 6 of us and then we are going to the bars and hopefully meeting others! It should be a good time and I am glad that we have friends to go out with.

Davis's parents bought him Mario Cart for the Wii for his birthday and we have been playing is a great game! Thank you guys!

I am posting a picture of Vivian, the 8 month old that I keep during the week. She is a doll and I know everyone would enjoy to see her. This picture was taken yesterday when we went for our walk.

Beast last night laying on my side of the bed with his arm propped on the pillow..he's so cute!

Davis and his new board
My sweet girl

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Adam Chan said...

GUYS!!!! We HAVE to play Mario Kart online sometime! You can totally do that on the Wii! Call me!