Sunday, November 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Davis!

Davis is officially 25 today! We had an awesome weekend. Friday night I cooked dinner and one of Davis's co-workers and her boyfriend came over and ate with us. After eating we played Rock Band and Skip-Bo before heading out to meet 3 more friends for drinks. We went to 2 different bars downtown and then return home late.

Saturday was a resting day. We laid around all day and watched tv, did laundry, and ate. That night we meet up with some friends at Belltown Billiards and played pool and danced. We closed the night with a cream cheese hotdog from a hotdog stand on the corner. Apparently cream cheese hotdogs are a Seattle staple. It was a good time!

Sunday, today, was yet another lazy day. We went to CJ's for breakfast this morning with friends (our weekly breakfast place). After chowing on some biscuits & gravy, eggs, and hashbrowns we walked home and laid around. We watched TV and played Mario Kart and after dinner we took Beast to Rocky Mountain Fudgery and Davis had a chocolate dipped cheesecake and I had a chocolate dipped banana with nuts. We love the city!

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