Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Egypt (Suez Canal)

We spent a day cruising through the Suez Canal, which is now Egypt’s #1 source of revenue after tourism took a dive with the revolution.  It was definitely an experience.  How crazy are canals?  And Egypt has a monopoly with trading between Eastern US/Europe and Asia.  I think (and this was hear say on the ship) that it is $1 million per boat (big boat/shipping boat) to go through the canal.  Crazy talk!  

It was super smooth sailing through the canal as I am guessing that you don’t want to go fast and/or are restricted to a certain speed limit.  We went pretty slow and there is not enough room to pass unless you are a little ship so not a lot of waves or action.  

The cool thing for me was we sat on our balcony most of the day and I took pictures of the military men on the banks.  Most of them were really happy to see us…some of them danced, some ran to the tops of the hills to whistle and wave to get our attention, and some didn't acknowledge our passing.  What a boring job!  Most had huge guns around their necks and across their chest.  It was so bizarre to see these men decked out in their military uniforms in the desert heat without protection or AC.  It was super hot!!  We were in the shade and still had to come inside to escape the heat.  All in all the Suez Canal was cool and I am glad we were able to experience it.

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