Thursday, January 17, 2013 we come

I am super duper super duper super duper excited...I really can't put into words how exciting I am about moving to Austin!

I love Seattle as a city and I love the friends we have made since moving there only 5 short years ago.  However, Seattle has taught me that I need the sun more often than 152 days a year, that's less than half the year!  And most of these days happen to be in the summer which makes Seattle summers the best, however there is no reason to stick around for the winters.

They say if you can stand the 3rd winter then you are set and can do Seattle for life (I guess the first 2 are still new) and it was the 3rd winter that I looked at Dave and, this isn't for me.  "I can not handle another one".  However change is not that easy and I had to deal with 2 more winters (well really just 1 considering we were in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, TN, and everywhere else for this one).  But Seattle winters are a thing of the past and I couldn't be more excited!

So after much debate and a huge spreadsheet of options, pretty much every city in America...we have decided the next place for us in Austin, TX.

Austin has 228 days of sun!  That's whole sun, no clouds!  It also has technology, a great night life, intelligent young people, sweet tea and sweet people, football, boots, lakes, swimming pools, more space, and it's much closer to home so hopefully more visitors!

The downfalls - having to drive and missing our Seattle peeps although they will visit and fall in love and hopefully move!

We (or maybe just me) are (is) hoping Austin will be our love.  I hope it will satisfy all of our needs and it will be home.  So here's to the next 5...

The big question now?

Will Austin be the one?

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