Monday, January 7, 2013


Our route to Barcelona including a stop in Brussels.  We only saw the airport and farm land flying into Brussels, but now we can say we have been to Belgium for an hour.

Great story about our flight, we were the last 2 people to check into our flight so on the way to the gate we were thinking there would be quite a few our surprise we were the only people at the gate and our flight was departing in 40 minutes.  Our flight looked like this...
This would never happen in the states, it was a 737 with a total of maybe 17 people including the pilot and attendants.

Flying into Barcelona is gorgeous.  You fly over the Mediterranean and it is absolutely breathtaking.  The water is lined with cliffs and trees not houses.
Right from the beginning we liked Barcelona better than Paris.  Paris was great and is a great place to visit however Barcelona is somewhere we could live.  It was vibrant and full of life.  There were people of all ages and backgrounds.  We felt more at home and familiar with the city maybe that is because it slightly mist the whole time we were there.  They spoke Spanish which is a familiar language for us, we know way more Spanish than French however we are not even close to being fluent.
Oh yeah, I should mentioned that why I am writing this post I am cruising through the Suez Canal and it is unbelievable.  We will get to this in a later post as well.  We just reached a major city and people are whistling and waving like crazy.  It’s so nice to see people genuinely happy to see us.  This comes later!
Back to Barcelona, once again we decided to do the hop on hop off buses because in my opinion it is the best way to see a city when you only have a short period of time and we only had 1.5 days to explore Barcelona so hop on hop off it was.
We rode the bus for hours, it was nice to be on a bus when a torrential downfall of rain decided to fall.  We saw Gaudi this and Gaudi that.  We have decided the Gaudi was crazy and apparently the only super popular thing to come out of Barcelona.  We also saw the Olympic stadium, statue, and pool.  The pool was super depressing because it was on a hill that had a beautiful view of the city while sitting in the bleachers however the pool did not look liked it had been used since 1996.  It was a waste of beautiful space and I could picture the crowds in 1996 loving the atmosphere and here it is 16 years later dead.  The craziest building I have seen in my life was in Barcelona, it is the Sagrada Familia designed by Gaudi and still being built by completely anonymous donations and tours of the half way done building.  Who is paying for this?

We also went the Guell park, which is Gaudi’s park and neighborhood…you can read more here

We went to both markets and had many delicious meals.  I forgot to mention earlier that we did not have dinner the entire time in Paris because we were too exhausted at night to eat, all we wanted to do was sleep.  So dinners in Barcelona were almost a forgotten concept.

Davis got new dress boots from Grotesque

The next thing you know, it's time to board the ship for Egypt.


 more Gaudi
 Olympic pool, depressing
 government building

 Barcelona from Park Guell
 Cathedral at night, gorgeous

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