Friday, February 4, 2011

90's Party

When you run out of holidays to celebrate, what else do you do besides throw a decade party?!? Last week we hosted a 1990's theme party, this included bagel bite, mentos, lunchables, handi-snacks, rice krispie treats, Mike's Hard (which we referred to as Zima), snapple, and last but not least jello shots. We also had a wonderful 90's playlist, thanks to Davis!

The party was so great that I forgot to take any pictures once guest arrived, sorry!
My costume...Britney meets Clueless
Davis with flannel, guess jeans, and his homemade gaming holsters....they were made out of velcro so that you could take them off of him, play, and re-attach!
handi-snacks...processed cheese apparently tasted good in the 90s
make your own lunchables...I just couldn't go all out unhealthy
oh yeah and jelly beans

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