Thursday, November 25, 2010

We're in Whistler

We made it, and luckily we rode the bus because we would have never made it in the Camry. It snowed almost our entire trip and we are guessing there is somewhere around 8 inches in the village. It's absolutely beautiful :) Our hotel is super cute and we have a fireplace, I love fireplaces. We had a Mongolian dinner in the village, but don't worry we did have turkey for lunch so we still had the American traditional Thanksgiving meal, kinda it was on a bus with pepperjack cheese and saltine crackers BUT it was yummy! We went to the grocery store and stocked up on foods to revitalize our bodies after tomorrow's all day workout. And now we are back in the room drinking none other than Crown and DP's....I did have a cup of hot cocoa first. I love hot chocolate while in PJs with snow outside :)

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!

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Dad said...

Scooter, I thought you were riding a train.