Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Our New Home

This past weekend we moved into our new home! It is super exciting to be in our condo, but moving stinks. We woke up early Saturday to pick up our Budget truck and then headed back to the apartment to start loading it. After we had it loaded our wonderful married friends came over to help us unload it at our condo. Thanks Sushi and Nisha! It was a long day, but that night we celebrated moving and Halloween at the Gupta's. We always have a blast with our favorite married couple!

Sunday we had a lot of cleaning and shopping to do so again another LONG day! We did find our closet storage solution at the container store on Monday and have most of it installed. The rest of the condo is slowing coming together (and by that, I mean it is getting cleaner.) We still have lots to do such as paint, buy furniture, and decorate (one day it will look awesome!)

my wonderful mover
last meal in the floor at old apt...Taco Bell
3 people rolling our 2 TVs
me & Nisha being silly at the Halloween party
our view looking South at downtown and stadiums
looking North
looking out at the Sound
view of Needle from roof


Dwayne said...

We're excited you're settling in your new place. Beautiful view!
Mom and Dad

Adam Chan said...

Totally awesome views! Good job finding that condo!