Thursday, November 19, 2009

Davis is 26!?!

Yes, on Monday Davis turned the big 2-6. That is soo old in the mind of a 24 year old! Since he was going to be in Central America on Monday, we celebrated early. We starting celebrating last Monday with stuffed crust Pizza Hut (this is an every year doing because it is his favorite)! Then I had planned a surprise dinner party for him on Friday with our wonderful friends (which he ended up finding out about when he came home early for work and I was making a HUGE pot of chicken chili). It was a great time. We used our supper club which consists of a theatre room, pool table, chef's kitchen, and dining table to host everyone (since we do not have a table in our new place yet). It was a great time sitting around talking. I made my first ever ice cream cake and I must say it was a hit. It was a smores cake (Davis eats all things that have either chocolate, marshmallows, or cheese in them)! After dinner we hit the town and celebrated some more.

Saturday we laid around and played his new (birthday present) video game from his parents. It's a racing game so I actually enjoy playing!


the cake picture obviously an after thought to eating
our wonderful friends, Sushil and Nisha
he is the cutest
we have a little bit of fun
photo op with Freddo....he is always dodging the camera

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