Sunday, September 27, 2009

We Are Home Owners!!!

Yay! I know this may to come a shock for many because we haven't really been looking for a home. There was an auction this weekend that we have been interested in and preparing for about a month now. It worked in our advantage and now we have a home!

It is kinda ironic because when we first visited Seattle back in 2007, we went to the sales center for this particular building (that was yet to be built) and we loved the homes! We are super pleased with our unit and all of the amenities of the building! We now have a spectacular view of Seattle!

I will post pictures next week. Due to traveling to San Jose this week with Davis we will not get to see our unit until next week!

Auction Story - Davis had to fly to San Jose for work and therefore missed the part of the auction where I (yes I) bought our house! It was super scary and extremely nerve wrecking for me because although we had talked this through a million times when it comes down to making the BIG decision I just wasn't sure if he really meant it! He was super supportive when I called to tell him that we were homeowners! He said he was proud of me for doing it by myself and he was so excited that we had made the leap. I am so fortunate to have such a supportive husband!

Here is a picture of us pre-win since I knew he wasn't going to be there if we did win! This is our winning faces though!

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Dad said...

well you guys are off and running and i am sure things will go well.a trailer will never do now.