Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Girls Trip

So much has is hard to keep updated as things happen, but last week I had an interview with Grant Thornton (a tier 2 firm, which means a relatively big accounting firm without being a BIG 4). The interview went well and I hope to hear something this week.

This weekend I went to Yakima with 3 other beautiful ladies. Yakima is a city to the south-east of Seattle by about 2.5 hours. It was beautiful! It is also Carly's, my friend in fashion design school, home town. There was a fashion show being put on in Yakima and Carly had 6 designs in it and we were her models! We had a blast!! We left Friday morning and arrived at her house at noon. Her mother had us lunch ready and we were able to lay out by the pool before hair and make-up! It was so nice to have the homey feeling since I am so far away from home! The show was GREAT and Carly's designs were of course the BEST. After the show we had dinner and drinks. We had a great time talking, dancing, and counting bobby pins at the end of the night. The next morning after breakfast we returned to Seattle.

In Davis traveling news....he will be in Mexico City this week and San Jose next week and I am going with him to San Jose....can't wait!!!
me and Carly in her clothes
the back of the dress had jewels
Red Dress..this dress was made for heart disease and it is beautiful
all the models and the designer

Carly, Kristina, Mali
Carly and Kristina showing off the curls with model faces
my curls let down
taking out the bobby was a game and Carly won with 53!
the models night out on the town

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Cindy-Your dress is too cute! :o)