Sunday, August 2, 2009

Tyler is here!

My best friend, Tyler, has come to stay hopefully! He landed in Seattle on Tuesday after 2 weeks of traveling to different cities around the US. Martin, another friend from Tennessee, traveled with Tyler on his 2 week tour of the US and stayed with us until today, when he flew back to Chattanooga and now it is just the 3 of us. We have had a lot of fun eating, drinking, and being merry! Tyler has almost officially met all of our friends here, it didn't take a lot of time considering we only have about 15.

The vacation period is over for Tyler and now he is job hunting and hopefully going to find something that allows him to stay here for an extended period of time!

Martin, Davis, me, Tyler in front of the gum wall
getting a cream cheese hot dog....these vendors make bank at 2 am when the bars close!
Tyler, Davis, & Freddo being boys
Davis trying to open the bottle of Tequila we brought back from Cancun for Freddo. It was a very odd bottle, but we finally got some Tequila out although I am pretty sure we didn't do it correctly!

In other news, I have began the countdown until vacation with my mom, Greg, Mandy, Chris, and the nephews! I am always super excited to go on this annual vacation! I am almost as equally excited to fly into Tennessee a day early just to go out on the lake! I need at least 1 lake day! & it is a need not a want!

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