Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

This was a quick stop so I don’t feel like we saw the city but we did (as always) fit as much as we possibly could into such a short time.  We went to the Batu Caves, which to be honest I am not exactly sure what this is….besides 272 stairs that lead to a cave with a lot of monkeys and a couple roosters. 

However, it was super cool for many reasons…it was unique and had a huge statue at the entrance that made it look important.  The monkeys were everywhere, it was kind of scary as I didn’t know if they were going to jump on me and steal my purse or just creepily stare at me.  I was a bit paranoid!  BUT in my defense they were thieves, we saw one steal a girl’s water bottle out of her hands.  He then took it to the top of this arbor like thing and tried to unscrew the lid, when he couldn’t get the lid off…he just bit a hole in the bottom of the bottle and started drinking.  Smart bugger!

After, the caves we went to the city and had lunch before visiting the tallest telecommunications tower in the world.  What’s up with this trip and seeing the tallest buildings, you ask.  I have no idea!  We stopped for a photo of the twin towers, a gorgeous building before heading back to the ship.

I told you it was a quick and very intense day of go, go, go...

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arianna said...

Bellissimo reportage! Mi avete fatto sognare!!!