Tuesday, April 23, 2013

India (Cochin)

Everything was different in India starting with them driving on the wrong side of the road in the wrong side of the car.  It was actually much cleaner than I expected.  We were in Cochin and it was way cleaner than Egypt.  They appreciated and used their rivers…for everything.  Bathing, washing dishes, washing clothes, and cooking, unlike Egypt whose rivers were not visible for all the trash floating (however they still fished in these waters).

There were people, cars, bicycles, motorcycles, and mopeds all using the same single lane road.  It was madness but somehow with all the honking everyone is safe.  I am pretty sure honking is a language there.  It seemed that honking was constant, but it also seemed that it made a difference so I guess they are not immune to honking like we are in the states.  They have these 3 wheeled moped/car thingys they call tuktuks and they are awesome!  I videoed our ride in 1 and what an experience!

The ‘backwaters’ were super interesting.  Everyone has their own steps into the water, it’s like a road for us.  Instead of roads and driveways, they have steps into water and boats.  They really use these waters for getting around and I just think that is so cool.  Can you imagine getting your child ready for school and putting him/her in a boat instead of on a bus? 

Also the rice fields, there were sooo many of them and piles of rice everywhere.  And then you would see a boat go by with bags and bag of rice. 

They fish with old school Chinese fishing nets.  They lower these HUGE nets into the water and use a levy system that hoists the nets out of the water by using lots of big rocks.  This is done on the banks of the water, not on boats.

So many kids, and so many kids working with their parents trying to make a dollar by selling bracelets, clothes, dolls, postcards, anything and everything.  And all of them were super friendly and smiling. 
The cricket fields…we were there 2 days and both days the fields were packed with people playing cricket.  I had never actually seen cricket being played, but it looks a lot like baseball.

I will definitely be visiting India again!  This was probably my favorite of our trip besides seeing the Pyramids.

 officials boarding our boat for the visa check
 Chinese fishing nets
 this is an Indian port

 he loved India

 rice fields

 lots of rice

 this was a busy street and the goat was just chillin
our tuktuk driver

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