Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What is 0 Visability?

Our trip continued to be one of the most interesting trips to date (and we have slept in airports, missed flights, lost luggage, the list goes on)!

When we finally made it to the cabin, we had a nightcap before hitting the hay. Without much sleep, we were up and ready to hit the slopes at 8am (that was the purpose of the trip and we had already missed a full day). We were boarding Sugar bowl. Squaw Valley was reporting a record 691 inches of snow (57.5 feet!!)!

I had never seen sooo much snow in my life. You couldn't tell where you were going, I definitely would not recognize anywhere we went in the summer. I couldn't tell you if we were on a side of a cliff. And when the wind would blow, you literally could not see directly in front of your face! It was nuts, and we weren't going to miss out. It was really wild because we are use to be able to see bumps and troughs and up there, you could forget it. One minute you were riding along and the next minute you might either be in the air or knee deep in snow.

The powder was outrageous. Some of you know that powder is easier to ski/board in because it is forgiving, but it is way HARDER to get out of after a fall (although it does feel better to fall into). Our first ride down the mountain, I fell and figured out the whole "you have to pack your own snow to get back up". I got up and boarded down the mountain a little ways before looking back only to see Davis stuck in about 3 feet of powder....this wasn't that funny until he realized there was absolutely no way he was getting out riding his board so he laid on it and tried to "surf" out. This was hysterical so I went to get my camera to video AND my pocket was unzipped...left contentless. I had lost my camera and my driver's license in who knows how many feet of powder :( I was more worried about how I was going to fly home than about not being able to video Davis at this point.

We ended up getting use to the crazy powder and got in some good run before our lunch break. While eating the wind must have picked up because they closed down almost all the lifts, what else could possibly go wrong?

We sat around in the lodge eating, drinking, and talking until they finally announced that they had opened up "The lift, aka Lincoln". This is the highest point at Sugar bowl and what everyone had been waiting on. Davis and I decided "why not?"


So up the mountain we went to approximately 8300 ft where you can't see a thing. What goes up, must come down. Down we went...we didn't make it too far before Davis was down and exhausted so being the wonderful wife that I am, I decide to take my board off to help him. He is about 20 feet away and as I take my first step to him I sink waist deep in snow! It only took that one step for us both to realize he was in this one on his own. I strapped back in my board and about 15 minutes later we were on our way back down the mountain. This was our last run!

What a day, we definitely must go back and get the normal Tahoe experience!

Since I lost my camera but still wanting you guys to see what I saw, I found these pictures that were taken that same weekend.

This is what our kitchen window looked like without the food
This was most definitely normal and actually quite light for some areas

I think I should cut my story short. This was definitely not all the oddness of the trip but I will sum up the rest. That night was a bit of an emotional dinner, the next day we took a shuttle back to the Reno airport where we saw Rob Schneider, and I met an employee of the FAA on my flight that told me the many ways of dieing on regional aircraft. I have never been so happy to be on the ground in Seattle and at home :)

Thank you Chris for a very eventful weekend in Tahoe. Thank you for all of the hospitality as well!

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