Thursday, April 21, 2011

Really? It's been 16 days

Busy is an under statement for our lives right now.

I will give you the story now and pictures later. Freddo and I attended the Sounders game as greenmen or greensies(this is my terminology). This was an idea Davis and Freddo had while traveling and watching It's always sunny in here if you are not familiar.
And yes, that is what we looked like for the entire game...this is their new business idea! Can you tell they are excited? Maybe a bit too much.

Last weekend my husband took me shopping and I bought a new pair of running shoes for the half marathon next weekend!

I also bought some new dresses for the multiple weddings we have in June. We went to see Scream 4 and it was actually pretty decent. I love days like these, thanks Dave!

My days without Davis at home are always filled with running, loving on the dogs, and plenty of girl nights! We have had many girlie movie nights filled with truffle popcorn, laughter, and cheer.

The summer is fast approaching and this means busy, busier, and busier. and I can't wait!

The Vancouver marathon is my kick off to summer! It will be followed by a girls trip to NYC, which will be awesome! This is all followed by Memorial Day, my birthday, 2 weddings in TN, Dad and Barb visit Seattle, Alaskan cruise, Greg and mom visit Seattle, Seafair weekend, and Labor day!!

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