Monday, September 5, 2011

Whales, Eagles, Bears....oh my

The Benson's were on my dad's heels. They arrived on Thursday before taking off on our Alaskan cruise Saturday. Since they arrived a couple days early, we were able to take them sailing and show off a bit of what we have learned this summer. It was our first overnight without an instructor and it went great...(we did sleep at the dock, shhh don't tell anyone)!

We departed for a week long cruise to Alaska and it was wonderful. I love the freedom of cruising.

 Davis at the fiesta

 beautiful Seattle

 this was a big hit on the ship


 Eagles are everywhere
 we found Bigfoot


 a little bit closer
 a lot closer

 snow plow

 hot chocolate for the last night

 back in Seattle

 the Bensons

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